Best Boxing Shoes 2020

Footwork is one of the main elements of a boxer’s training. This is what allows boxers to throw great punches.  An accurate and powerful punch emanates from how the feet stand on the ground. Good footwork moves to the upper torso allowing the entire body to be strengthened. This is what necessitates the need for boxers to have footwear that offers a good grip to allow them to dig in and not slip.  

This means that when you start throwing counter punches, you can defend yourself without losing balance. The boxing footwear should also be light enough to allow quick movement. 

Boxing shoes normally have extensive laces and there is a good reason for that. It allows the boxer to control the tightness and comfort.

Boxing Shoe Categories

There are three boxing shoe categories. 

1. Beginner/Intermediate Boxing Shoes

As the name suggests, these are shoes for those who are learning to box or those who take boxing as a casual hobby. These shoes, however, should not be used for vigorous training since they offer minimal support and durability.

2. Pro Level Boxing Shoes

These are shoes for amateur boxers who have advanced in boxing and aiming at becoming pros. They are performance-based shoes and can be used on a regular basis.

3. Specialty Boxing Shoes

These are shoes that meet specific needs for instance, there are those that are suitable for wide feet or low cut boxing. These shoes can also be used for training. They are high up the price ladder but that is why they are called specialty boxing shoes.

The Benefits of Training in Boxing Shoes

As indicated above, boxing shoes help you to move quickly and lightly.  Most new boxers desist from buying shoes for boxing training. The main issue is the cost of such shoes but it is highly recommended that you get a good pair since it is essential for effective training. Here are some benefits of getting some boxing boots.

Light feet

Boxing boots weigh less than most sports shoes. This is why boxers are able to move fast on their feet and change direction and stance in a jiffy. Have you ever seen boxers skipping the rope? Well, that should give you a good clue on how fast and light movement is a solid part of the sport. The boots are made of light material to make it feel as though you have nothing on.


The reason why you should wear boxing shoes is that they provide more support and protection for your ankle plus the lower shins. These shoes come in different styles like the low top, high top, and mid-top. Most boxers prefer the low tops especially for working out since they get great mobility.


Boxing training can get pretty sweaty and you need shoes that give you a firm grip. Boxer shoes have a thin rubber sole for that. They hold you down but not too firmly. Good boxer boots also have treads so as to boost traction.


As mentioned before, boxing is a sweaty business hence the need for your feet to breathe. The best shoes for boxing are those that are made of permeable material that allows sweat to evaporate leaving your feet feeling fresh and dry. There are also boots that come with a thermal regulator mesh to provide breathability.


You will be spending countless hours training so you better be comfortable while at it. The upper portion should never be made of stiff material or logos that dig into the flesh. Uncomfortable shoes can cause distraction and that is all you need to lose focus and a match.

Boxing shoes are the main element and therefore a lot rides on the choice you make. Choose wisely.

Best Shoes for Boxing Training 2019

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1. Reebok Boxing Boot

This is a premium boot that is recommended for mid starters and advanced boxers. The soles are specifically designed for footwork. They are made of rubber and are wide and flat. The upper part is made of breathable fabric. 

The other special features in these boots are the strap crossing in the midsection. The strap joins your boot and the ankle. As for the aesthetics, they give you that suave but badass pop.


  • Full rubber outsole for traction
  • Ankle strap for added support
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable
  • Fashionable 


  • It is sole purpose footwear (strictly for boxers)
  • Costs a bit more than the rest

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2. Adidas Mat Wizard David Taylor Edition

The Adidas Mat Wizard David Taylor Edition is a well-known wrestling shoe but boxers also love it since it offers the right amount of traction. The two elements that make it great for boxing are the outsole that has a super grip and the lightweight upper that offers flexibility and foothold.

It has V-shaped foils that add the much-needed abrasion resistance. This ensures that the forefoot and toes are protected.


  • Flexible and supportive TPU stripes
  • Superior outer rubber sole
  • Groundbreaking grip
  • Open mesh upper


  • Not comfortable for some

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3. Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes

If you want something that matches the rivalry of Adidas then the Cleto Reyes boxing boots are what to opt for. This is an all-black, leather and suede model that offers both comfort and durability.

These boots have a side zipper that goes down to the inside so it is just a matter of slipping in and zipping up. Don’t forget to tie up your laces. 

The Cleto Reyes boxing boots cost almost the same as the Adidas boots but what you get depends on your preference. If you want lightweight boots with a high top then Cletos is a great option. If you want something more athletic and lightweight then Adidas is a better option.


  • Lightweight
  • Made of genuine leather and suede
  • Durable
  • Wide upper


  • Bad for large calves

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4. Otomix Stingray Escape

The stingrays are multi-purpose sports shoes and are manufactured by a reputable company in the martial arts and fitness gear industry. These boots are a combination of leather and polyester. The soles are thin and made of lightweight rubber.

The shoe offers great traction even when you spend a long time training making your feet comfortable.  They bend and flex at will, therefore, providing a great range of motion. This means you can move around the ring swiftly. 

These shoes offer great flexibility and support as compared to high top boots. The grip you get will blend into any boxing activity that you engage in.

The Stingray comes in several colors like Red White, Blue, Black and Camo.


  • Offers ultimate traction
  • Great design
  • Versatile boots
  • Durable
  • Stylish


  • Too wide
  • A bit expensive

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5. Ringside Undefeated

Voted by many as the best shoe for boxing training, the Ringside Undefeated is a reputable high top boxing boot. It is highly recommended for those who require sufficient ankle support. It is lightweight and comfortable but only meant for boxing. This means that these shoes are only to be worn inside the ring. If you need them for training then have them on when working out with a heavy bag or speed bag. You should also ensure that there is a coach around.

The shoes give you a good grip so that you don’t slide while throwing punches. They are lightweight allowing you to move freely inside the ring.

The shoes only come in two colors, black and white. They are made of patent leather and vinyl. 


  • Padded ankle
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Solid build
  • Stylish


  • Lacks arch support
  • Only comes in full sizes

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6. Adidas Speedex

The Adidas Speedex was designed for one purpose and that is boxing. It is one of the best ultralight shoes and does not wrap around the edges. It has white upper portions to offer ankle support.  You simply tie the ankle supports to the heel. The laces are also integrated into the heel support. 

The shoe has a single-layer mesh for breathability purposes. These are not your normal stylish boots but they have a great minimalistic design.


  • Stability straps
  • Breathable mesh
  • Textile
  • Great minimalistic aesthetics


  • Comes in half sizes

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Whether you are just starting out or already joined a class for several months, it is important that you make the right choice for your feet. The best boxing shoes will ensure that you move like a butterfly but sting like a bee.

You also need to protect your toe area and the only way you can manage this is by getting the right training boots. Boxing boots are part of the package when it comes to delivery. They are a solid option and will definitely improve your performance.