Best Boxing Speed Bag

Best Boxing Speed Bag Guides And Reviews 2020

Selecting the best speed bag to purchase for your workouts is crucial. Using a speed bag is important while you learn boxing. If you are not already using it, get your trainer to show you how best to use it. Be ready to keep up with the intense rhythm of the speed bag. You may not get it right away, but with practice, you will.

The best way to learn how to hit a speed bag is to hit with your fingers. When you hit with your knuckles as a beginner, you easily lose control of the bag. Hitting with your gingers helps slow down the rhythm of the bag. Do not keep your hand too far from the bag. Let your hands remain directly in front of the bag throughout the workout.

speed bags play a crucial role in boxing. You may wonder what such small equipment helps you with. Well, it helps you learn to keep your hands up at all times. Never let your hands fall to the side when facing an opponent. That is a sure way to get punched, worse still knocked out. A speed bag also helps improve the coordination of your hands and eyes.

Unlike punching bags, speed bags are full of air and bounce around easily with every hit. The best way to hang a speed bag is vertical. Let this guide offer you a glimpse into the best speed bags available in the market today.

Selecting the Right Speed Bag

1. Training level

It matters whether you are a beginner or an expert. You cannot purchase any speed bag and get started. Get some training first before you buy your own. There are different bags meant for different levels. Learn which bags are appropriate for you as a beginner or a pro. A speed bag for beginner levels will help you learn better and not get easily frustrated.

2. Speed  Bag Setup

Where will you fix the bag? speed bags do not take up much space. Still, they need to be placed at a distance from the floor to enable you to hold your hands up as you train. You can fix it in your indoor gym or the garage. Incase indoors are not an option, you can fix it outside too.

3. Pricing

Purchasing training equipment is an investment. You should purchase on that is within your means. This will help you maintain your enthusiasm to train especially as you are learning how. Because most speed bags are made using quality leather, they may be a little expensive.

4. Quality

speed bags made of leather are better. They may be a little expensive but you are guaranteed they will last longer. No need to buy poor quality only for it to be damaged in the first week of training. They should also have an inner shell that retains air and doesn’t easily pop.

5. Bounce Ability

A good speed bag will have better bounce ability. This helps you maintain a rhythm while hitting it softly. You end up using less energy and concentrate on your breathing. A good speed bag also needs rebound capabilities.

6. Size

Different speed bags weigh different. You have to select the correct size for you. The best speed bags for beginners are small and medium sizes then you get to large as you become an expert user.

7. Air retention

speed bags are filled with air. You do not want to purchase a bag that requires filling after every use or when you are mid-way in your workout. Buy a speed bag that retains air even after vigorous use.

Top 10 Best Boxing Speed Bags

1. Everlast Speed Bag (4242)

The Everlast Speedbag is made from the highest grade leather making it durable. It has good double stitching and won’t come undone when used regularly. It has a smooth surface and won’t scrape your hand when punching without gloves. It has more of an oval shape.  It weighs 4, 5 and 6 lbs. It has a good bounce ability and does not need to be hit with force.

The lighter ball can be used with minimal protection. Retains air and you only have to add once in a while. It does not easily pop after constant use adding to its durability.


  • Durable leather
  • Double stitching
  • Good price
  • Size variety
  • Bounce ability


  • Only black color
  • Poor air retention complaints
Everlast Leather Speed Bag (EA)
  • Leather punching bags for speed training

2. Pro Impact Speedbag Black

This speedball is made from heavy-duty leather. It is very durable and functional. It can endure constant use for a long time. It has a latex bladder of the highest quality that supports air retention even with continuous punching. It has triple stitching that has been welted to upgrade its integrity. Still, this does not affect the direction of the bag when you punch it.

Good for cardiovascular exercises to boost your muscle strength and stamina too. It has a pear-shaped design perfect for rapid recoiling. This is ideal to improve your hand-eye coordination and increase your punching speed. It comes in three sizes of Small (S), Medium (M) and XS and is in 3 colors. The surface is smooth and feels good on your hands.


  • Heavy-duty leather
  • Size variety
  • Color options
  • Triple stitching
  • Latex bladder
  • Smooth surface


  • Higher priced
  • Ideal for home use, not in the gym
  • Reduced bounce ability
Pro Impact Speedbag Black - Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness Fighting Sport Training - Synthetic Genuine Leather (Black Genuine Leather, XS - 5"x7")
  • DURABLE PU OR LEATHER MATERIAL. To provide extreme durability and improved functionality, the Pro Impact PU or Genuine Leather Speedbag is made using 100% top-grade genuine leather to ensure it can withstand multiple beatings time and time again.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. A heavy-duty latex bladder prevents loss of air even after being repeatedly punched. Additionally, triple reinforced seams are welted to increase the bag’s integrity while making sure it doesn’t affect the direction of the bag if you strike it.
  • GREAT EXERCISE ACTIVITY. Practicing with this Leather Speedbag is a great cardiovascular exercise which also increases muscle strength and stamina. Not only does it burn off calories and keep you fit, but it also helps to tone and sculpt your upper body.
  • PEAR-SHAPED SPEEDBAG. Designed for rapid recoiling, this speedbag can help to develop your reflexes, increase your speed and improve your hand-eye coordination. The pear shape provides easy targeting, allowing you to get accurate punches and good rebounds without messing up your rhythm.
  • CHOICE OF SIZE. To accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced users, the bag is available in an extra small 5"x7" size, small bag measuring 6"x9" and medium 7"x10" size. Each one is designed to rebound quickly, helping you build up your hand speed, rhythm and eye contact.

3. TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

The TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced speed bags come in 4 size varieties of Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and XXS. It is only available in black. The outer shell is made from top quality leather making it long-lasting equipment. The seams are triple stitched and reinforced to ensure it holds and does not pop after vigorous use.

The inner lining is made from pro butyl rubber that has been specially balanced and is ideal for air retention even with continuous use. The small and medium bags are ideal for beginners.


  • Size options
  • Quality leather outer shell
  • Solid butyl rubber
  • Triple stitching
  • Soft surface


  • Only in black
  • Slow due to weight
  • Expensive
TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags, Black, Small
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: XXS (4" x 7"), S (5" x 8"), M (6" x 9"), L (7" x 10")

4. Balazs Lazer Speed Bag

This speed bag is manufactured by the Balazs Company. It comes in four sizes that include Peanut, Small, Medium and Large. It is made from genuine high grade grained leather with triple stitching making it high quality. It maintains balance because it does not welt.

It is only available in black. The air chamber is made from top-quality rubber that helps retain air and it does not easily pop even with rigorous use.


  • Durable
  • Air retention
  • Genuine grained leather
  • Size options
  • Reliable
  • Rebounds predictably


  • Limited color
  • High price
Balazs Lazer Speed Bag (6 x 9 Small Sonic)
  • Smooth grained leather
  • No laces - No welting
  • Air chamber never pops
  • Kevlar triple stitched loop

5. RDX Speed Ball Boxing

The RDX Speedball comes with an RDX elite swivel that is forged using top quality stainless steel. The swivel also has high quality bearing in it too. The outer shell is made from quality cowhide and the inner shell is lined using poly-cotton material in 4 layers.

It has a lightweight design for quick rebounds. It has an attachment that is riveted resulting in superior durability. Its hanging strap is double lined and does not easily split. It comes in black with a white and gold logo design.


  • Quality outer shell (Cow Hide)
  • Lightweight
  • Has hanging strap
  • Available logo varieties
  • Has its swivel
  • Quality inner shell (poly-cotton)
  • Quick rebounds


  • Loose swivel
  • Easily deflates
  • Highly-priced
RDX Speed Ball Boxing Genuine Leather MMA Muay Thai Training Punching Dodge Striking Bag Kit Hanging Swivel Workout Speedball Kicking
  • Patent Pending Speed Ball comes with RDX elite swivel made from a high grade of stainless steel and constructed with quality bearings
  • Cow hide leather material is lined inside with 4 layers of poly cotton material
  • Each ball is individually shaped and balanced for rebound accuracy, Tough construction
  • Lightweight design means lightning fast rebounds, Guaranteed quality
  • Riveted attachment provides superior durability, Double-lined hanging strap discourages splitting

6. CLETO REYES Platform Speed Bags

The CLETO REYES Speedbag comes in 4 sizes that include Extra small, Small, Medium, and Large. It is available in 3 color options. The outer shell is made from high-grade leather making long-lasting. The inner shell is made using tough nylon that helps it not pop easily.

Perfect quality sped bag for beginner use. It has tight laces that are neatly tacked in. It has a smooth surface that won’t bruise your hand if you punch without protective wear. It rebounds perfectly because it is light.


  • Four size options
  • Three color assortments
  • Long-lasting
  • Tough nylon lining
  • Tight neat laces
  • Smooth surface
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • Loses a little air

No products found.

7. Meister Speed Kills Leather Speed Bag

The outer shell is made from durable top quality cowhide leather built to last. The inner shell is made using latex rubber that is lightweight for better and faster performance. It is centered and balances which are good for rebounds that are consistent and predictable as well.

It comes in 3 sizes of Small, Medium, and Large. It can be used at home or in a commercial gym. It comes in black only. It has reinforced seams that hold it together making it last even longer.


  • Durable outer leather
  • Quality inner bladder
  • Faster performance
  • Predictable rebounds
  • Size variety
  • Reinforced seams
  • Used at home or gym
  • Affordable


  • Only in black
  • Cases of leaking rubber
Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag w/Lightweight Latex Bladder - Black - Small (7.5" x 5")
  • Genuine full-grain cowhide leather construction is built to last
  • Lightweight inner latex bladder provides faster performance
  • Balanced and centered for predictable and consistent rebounds
  • Simple premium design is a great addition to any gym or home
  • Available in Small (7.5" x 5"), Medium (9.5" x 6"), Large (10.5" x 7")

8. Ringside Maize Slip Ball Boxing Speed Bag

This speed bag comes complete with a hanging chain. It has a similar shape to a maize cob. The outer shell is made from top-grade leather making it a durable product that can be used for a long time. It only comes in one size and color. The bag is weighted with sand making it have a solid feel to it. This does not make it too heavy.

It is well stitched adding to its quality.


  • Durable leather shell
  • Well stitched
  • Good rebound
  • Affordable


  • Needs a ceiling hanger
Ringside Maize Slip Ball Boxing Speed Bag
  • Discover the lost art of slipping punches with this boxing punch speed bag
  • Become virtually unhittable with this great defensive workout training tool
  • Speed bag comes fully assembled with chain and no filling necessary
  • Perfect bag for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and contact sport athletes alike to develop fast strikes, strong reflexes and reach their fitness goals
  • Build strength, tone and condition your body with a muscle building aerobic workout, training and the right gym equipment

9. Everlast Speed Bag 4241

This Everlast Speed Bag is manufactured using top quality leather for durability. It has enhanced seams that do not break easily. It is a product that will last long even with continuous punching. It is balanced for accurate rebounds. It comes in two sizes of medium and large and is only available in black. It retains air well and will only need a refill after a long time of use.

It is pair shaped for added balance.


  • Quality leather
  • Good stitching
  • Long-lasting
  • Well priced
  • Air retention
  • Size options


  • Limited color
  • Smaller than advertised

No products found.

10. MaxxMMA Speed Bag

This speed bag is only available in large sizes. It has a smooth quality leather outer surface. It is light and can rebound fast. It has good quality triple stitching making it durable. It has a bladder inner shell that is ideal for retaining air. It bounces well even after using it for a long time. Ideal for improving your hand-eye coordination. It comes with its hand pump


  • Quality Leather shell
  • Triple stitching
  • Durable
  • Air retentive
  • Well priced
  • Has a hand pump


  • Leaks rubber
MaxxMMA Speed Bag - Type II - Size L (10" x 7")
  • Dimension: 10” x 7” - Size: Large
  • The absolute best equipment for developing speed, timing and accuracy
  • Enhance punching skills such as hand-eye coordination, rhythm and timing
  • Perfectly balanced for blazing speed and true rebounds
  • Hand pump w/needle included


There are different brands of speed bags to choose from. Take ample time to decide which is best for you and ideally suits your needs. Most are made from leather but read the reviews of each to know which are of good quality and which are not. Select a speed bag with good rebound capabilities for your punches. You have to create speed as you learn from beginner to pro.

Use this guide to get the best speed bag that retains air for a long time. You do not want to stop your workout to fill it with air all the time. The bag should help you improve your hand-eye coordination. With consistent use, you will be able to keep your hands up always while sparring with an opponent.