10 Best Boxing-Themed Songs

You might be looking to head to the gym for a boxing workout and need a measure of motivation to get you through it. Or, perhaps, you’re just reminiscing about your favorite boxing movie, in which the music in it adrenalized you to no end. 

But make no mistake, there’s no better way to amp you up than the memorable music that joins forces with the sweet science (even loosely), that helped brand an undeniable mark on your existence. 

List of 10 Best Boxing-Themed Songs

Here a list of music that makes you want to run through the streets of your neighborhood while shadow boxing like a maniac. 

Man, these songs bring back some great memories for me. 

1- Gonna Fly Now — Bill Conti 

Gonna Fly Now — from the film Rocky, starring Slyvester Stallone — was the song of my childhood. I felt as if I could do anything after seeing Rocky go toe-to-toe with Apollo Creed, whom he almost beat in the movie. 

Gonna Fly Now’s beautiful arrangement garnered Conti an academy award nomination while inspiring a generation of movie-goers and music lovers. 

Everytime I hear the orchestra-driven tune on the radio, I still can’t help but daydream about achieving some ridiculous physical undertaking. 

Hey, I’m only human. Cut me some slack, please

2- Eye of the Tiger — Survivor –

Featured in Rocky III, starring Slyvester Stalone, Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger is the prototypical boxing/sports-themed song, making you feel as if you can rise from your underdog status and surmount any impossible odds placed in your way. 

With penetrating guitar riffs and a hard-pounding drum beat, Eye of the Tiger has the potential to bring out the beast in any ordinary person. 

Now, move over Clubber Lang (Mr. T), I’m the champ, you hear? 

3- We are the Champions – Queen 

More synonymous with other sports, We Are The Champions takes you to the pinnacle of life’s success as you celebrate a great life accomplishment. 

I liken it to a boxing themed song because of its overall awesome life message of finally achieving something fantastic that has eluded you in the past. 

4- Remember The Name – Fort Minor

Fort Minor was started by lead vocalist of Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, as a side project. 

Remember The Name’s lyrics, beat, rock/rap vibe, and overall badass band effort will have you up and moving with the purpose of accomplishing anything you put your mind to.  

5- Till I Collapse – Eminem featuring Nate Dogg

Till I collapse is from the movie Real Steel, a flick about a struggling ex-boxer (Huge Jackman) and his son (Dakota Goyo), who both find a champion in a discarded robot, Atom. They use Atom to compete in the robot boxing world while mending their fragile relationship.

With Eminem rapping the poignant lyrics and the late, great Nate Dogg belting out the hook, Till I Collapse grabs you by the heart and rocks you to victory. 

6- Going the Distance — Bill Conti 

Yes, another track from the Rocky franchise. 

Just the opening bells of the song, which mimic the start of a boxing round, is enough to motivate me to do something monumental. 

The rest of the song is icing on the proverbial boxing cake, smooth, flowing and forceful, all at the same time. 

7- We Will Rock You — Queen 

If you’re a true lover of awesome classic rock (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then you’ll always remember the song by Queen, We Will Rock You

To this very day, It’s played in stadiums and arenas all over the world. When the pounding drum beat vibrates through a high quality surround sound system, there’s no stopping you.  

8- Road To Glory — 2Pac 


2Pac wrote this song specifically for his bro, Mike Tyson, and Tyson walked out to it in his 1996 fight with British heavyweight Frank Bruno. 

2Pac references Tyson to the tune of kicking Bruno’s ass. Now, that’s respect. 

9- Last Breath — Future 

Yes, this, too, is from the Rocky franchise, but it comes from the movie Creed, the next emotional saga in line for Rocky and cinema greatness. 

Adonis Johnson, portrayed by Micahel B. Jordan, is the son of famous boxing champion Apollo Creed, who died in a boxing match in Rocky IV (1985). 

Adonis was born after his father’s untimely death and just want to follow in his dad’s footsteps. But he needs the once-great fighter to mentor him on his arduous journey.  

With samples from Gonna Fly Now, Future’s bold rapping style and profound lyrics capture the intense spirit of the movie.  

10- Can’t Be Touched – Roy Jones Junior

What’s better than a track fronted by one of the best pound for pound fighters in boxing history? Not much, relatively speaking, of course. 

Roy Jones Junior’s Can’t Be Touched reflects on his legendary boxing skills through the song’s fast beats, slick rhymes and easy flow, making him rather untouchable.