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Best MMA Ankle Wraps 2020 Reviews and Guides

Whether you are an amateur or a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) player, the impact of this sport can take a toll on your ankles. This is because the ankle is a complex body joint with many moving parts than any other joint in your body.

The ankle consists of bones, tendons, cartilages, and ligaments that support most of your body weight. Worth noting, straining or twisting the ankle is not the best experience, ever. Falls and knocks that affect the ankle can impact the other body parts and hinder your mobility. Therefore ankle injuries are devastating whether they are mild or severe.

An ankle injury is serious and may take you off your fighting for extended periods of time. To prevent this, it is better to use protective gear while training or fighting.

Best Ankle Support Gears

Ankle support wraps come in handy in protecting the ankle when you are involved in MMA sports. Apart from that, the ankle support socks for MMA also provide traction which is essential as you try to lock your competitor. While we recommend you use the Ankle support as a preventive gear, the heavy-duty ones can also help you when recovering from a small or serious injury. 

On this note, you need the best MMA Ankle Support gears to take you through MMA training and or fighting. But how do you find the best ankle supports for MMA?

In this guide, first, we will look at the factors you should consider before digging into the top ankle wraps for MMA.

Factors to Consider When Buying MMA Ankle Wraps

1. Sizing, Elasticity, and Closure

When it comes to ankle support gear, you need a brand that offers different size models. The gear should also be elastic and tight enough, it should not be too loose to fit like a pair of socks. Therefore, to find the perfect fit for your legs, use a size chart.

Concerning closure, you need a closure system that is easy to manage. The best MMA ankle support closures have straps, lace-ups or sleeves. Noteworthy, if you intend to use the ankle support gear to support an ankle injury, then you may need a product that can be worn with shoes.

2. Affordability and Brand Manufacturer

Whereas we have some cheap brands in the market that pass the quality test, we should be careful with brands that are not known. As you know, cheap can be expensive. Therefore, it is safe to consider brands that have a good reputation. However, sometimes you can risk if the product looks lucrative and it is a low-risk purchase.  

In addition, consider your budget limitations when purchasing the ankle support gear.

3. Material and Breathability

We highly recommend neoprene, cotton or a blend of cotton or neoprene for ankle support gears. The fabric is comfortable and breathable. It is also easy to clean because it is machine washable. Besides that, consider if the gear is constructed with anti-slip features.

Please note that some ankle support gears are made with flexible plastic.

4. Color Options

If you are quite particular, then you will do good to select a brand that offers you various color options so that you can pick what suits your personal preferences.

Top 6 Best MMA Ankle Wraps

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1. Venum Kontact Ankle Wraps

This brand is renowned for the manufacture of quality BJJ and Muay Thai products. The Venum Ankle Support comes in a variety of colors that suits both men and women. The product is made of high-quality cotton that provides dense cushion without adding any weight.  The pads are also breathable and provide good aeration to avoid any sweating or discomfort. 

The design and brand label are also attractive if you want something that will scare your opponents. The logo looks like a warning to your competitor and motivates you not to act any less. Let Venum take the brunt of your strong kicks on the heavy bag.


  • Highly breathable and quality material.
  • Provide excellent padding to your ankles.
  • Attractive designs and a variety of colors.


  • Slightly expensive compared to other brands. 

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2. Fairtex Ankle Support

Fairtex ankle wraps are just that, fair on your ankles. They are also stretchable to accommodate various leg sizes. They fit perfectly without overstretching or falling off your ankles. The wraps are also good in providing the much-needed stability to avoid slips during training or fights. 

Fairtex ankle support also provides warmth which is essential when training during chilly weather. The material is also highly durable because of the elastic material which absorbs the impact. The elastic material also allows the one-size-fits-all feature and cuts on the budget in case you have to share the wraps. This review will be incomplete if we don’t mention that the Fairtex brand was once the official manufacturer of the popular Strikeforce MMA.


  • Elastic material for maximum durability and fitting.
  • Provide good stability.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Alleviates pain, itchiness, and discomfort.


  • Slightly expensive.

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3. RDX Ankle Support

Rarely do you get quality and cheap ankle wraps for MMA in a single product. But that is just what you get for a pair of RDX ankle support. The pads are made of stretchable quality material and come in multiple colors which cap up the attractive design. The wraps only cover the most exposed part only to allow other parts maximum comfort. The MMA ankle braces also come in multiple sizes to cover from the smallest to the largest talus joint. 

The high-quality material also provides durability even with the toughest beating. They also retain their shape even after several washes and uses. The thick ankle padding also offers the necessary impact absorption to prevent any injury. The contoured ankle padding also comes in handy in keeping the wrap intact. The silicone composition of the material is ideal in soothing your muscles and alleviating pain because it is smooth. 


  • Value for money. 
  • Quality and elastic material.
  • High durability.
  • Solid grip due to the contoured padding.


  • Not ideal for warmth.
  • The logo is not permanent.

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4. Hayabusa Ashi

The name originates from a Japanese spacecraft robot which was launched in 2003. The brand does not fall short of providing a robotic experience in terms of stability and impact absorption. The wraps have large foot coverage and are also made of anti-slippery material to ensure maximum stability. The material also provides warmth and enough padding for your ankles to prevent any injury.

The dense material gives mat-like traction for the underfoot, a feature that is ideal for unfavorable training grounds. The wrapping material is also durable and breathable to take care of aeration for the much-covered foot. The brand has a variety of sizes to fit different feet sizes perfectly.


  • They have excellent grip.
  • Provide optimum stability.
  • Good for ankle protection.


  • They are expensive.
  • The rubber beads can fall off. 

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5. Sanabul Ankle Support

Uniquely manufactured with gel technology in the form of its gel foam padding, this gear offers a good bang for your buck.

It is made from a stretchable material and will fit on your feet perfectly for your comfort. It is sturdily constructed to hold up to the tough MMA training and fighting.

The gel padding provides an additional layer of protection for the front of your leg, absorbing any shocks. On top of that, its exterior is made with grip pads that work as anti-slip materials to prevent slipping, for your safety. This is because you can easily slip and fall when sparring.

There are six color options and only two size models available.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Six color brands
  • Gel padding protection
  • Its exterior is made with an anti-slip material


  • Limited sizing options

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6. Meister Ankle Guard

This ankle guard is a product of Meister, a reputable organization in the sports industry for making protective gear and protective sports equipment. It is budget-friendly for your convenience. 

It is made with high-grade cotton, spandex blend, and polyester. The material is elastic and durable. Its sturdy construction does not compromise quality, it is light in weight and not bulky therefore comfortable and fits perfectly. The slide-on design makes wearing or removing the gear fast and easy.

What’s more, there are over ten color options to suit different preferences.


  • Affordable
  • Light in weight and comfortable
  • Elastic for a perfect fit
  • An assortment of colors


  • Limited size options

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Without ample protection, you are likely to injure your knees or ankles during MMA training or fighting. We provided this guide to assist you in buying the best MMA Ankle support to suit your preferences that can offer your ankle optimum protection. By using protective gear, you will enjoy your MMA sport without any risk to your body.