Best Training Bags for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing

Best Training Bags for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing

Training in MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing requires specialized equipment to sharpen those skills. You’ll need access to the best training bags to be the best there is. It takes a lot of training to create a great technique that will lead to success in the ring. Whether training at home or the gym purchasing the correct training bags should be a top priority. Buying the best bags could be the difference between attaining the right skills or not.

Types of Training Bags

Training bags come in great numbers of different brands and quality. But it all boils down to the type you want to purchase. Having access to all of them is ideal because you’ll need them to train different parts of your body.

a) Hanging Punching Bags

Hanging punching bags are the most important training bags for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing.  They are large and are hung for you to train with. The best punching bag is sturdy and can withstand constant punching and kicks too. It should be suitable for all the different techniques involved in combat sports without getting easily worn out. The best bans are made using pure or synthetic leather that is tough enough to endure constant training.

Most fighters train daily and need equipment that can withstand this constant use. No one wants to use punching bags that wear out easily because that is a waste of money. Punching bags are ideal for fighters to create a good technique which they can employ in the ring. Be sure to read the reviews of any bag you’re considering to buy to judge if it’s worthy or not.

Visit your local gym or read the type your favorite fighter uses. This can be an excellent way to know which is most ideal to get. Read this guide and learn of the best ones available in the market.

b) Freestanding Bags

Freestanding bags are a type of heavy bags used by most fighters training in combat sport. Any self-respecting fighter knows how important bag work can be. It’s also equally important to switch out training routines. Using a free standing bag now and then can help your routine in many ways and help not get easily bored by doing the same bag work all the time.

Working with a standing bag takes different skills than using a hanging bag. This switches up your routine and improves your technique too. You must, however, know the right free standing bag to purchase. There are a lot of them in the market not worth your money and time. They simply advertise as standing bags but a few minutes of training with them will prove to be more of falling bags.

Good freestanding bags must be very stable to withstand the constant punches and kicks as you train. They, therefore, need to have a very steady and heavy base which is where many fall short. Stability is the most important characteristic of a good standing bag. It has to remain upright and at the spot you, placed it throughout your training routine.

c) Uppercut Bags

This bag is ideal for most boxers who need to work on their uppercut. These bags are designed similarly as heavy bags and can take constant punching without getting damaged. The importance of these bags is you can train your uppercut routine on a bag trained for specifically that. These can be tough to achieve on a normal heavy bag.

Uppercut bags are hanged like most heavy bags only not vertically. They are hung horizontally. Vertical bags focus more on hooks and straight punches which can result in a poor uppercut routine. Spending time with the uppercut bag must be included in your routine too.

Learning to throw the best uppercut can lead to a great technique on the ring which is very important. It might even be your secret weapon of taking out an opponent who may focus training using a heavy bag only.

Choosing the Right Training Bags

There are thousands of different training bags available for you to choose from. A visit to the local store can leave you confused to say the list. The numbers available in online stores is another mountain to climb altogether. Guides like this serve a very important purpose of helping you sift through them and identify the gems. These are the best ones to consider and spend your money on.

1. Size

Different training bags come in different sizes. The best way to choose one if to consider the type it is and what purpose it will serve in your training routine. You can seek the guidance of your trainer or coach to know the best ones for you. For heavy bags, the right size should be 2/3 of your total body weight. Going for a heavier or lighter bag won’t produce the results you need and you might as well quit while you’re ahead.

The size of training bags is also important if you have children training in your home or gym. The right size of bags will keep them from harm while training them the right way. Consider the size and age of the children to purchase the right bags for them. This may mean digging deeper into your pockets if their ages have a wide range between them.

Training bags weight different and have varying lengths too. This may require a bit of searching to get the right one for you or your children.

2. The Material of the Outer Surface

You want a long-lasting material that will serve you for a long period without having to think of getting another one. Durable bags last so long that purchasing another may just be out of desire rather than them being worn out. The best bags are made using high-grade leather that is very tough and durable. It can withstand a constant beating without having the seam split or the material get worn off.

You need to search for the best bags available even though they may be pricey. It’s better to purchase the right one than have to go back now and then to get a replacement for a damaged, poor quality bag. Pure leather bags may be too pricey for a beginner to consider and therefore it’s best to seek out the best synthetic leather bags available. They are made with the same desire of creating long-lasting equipment too.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss synthetic leather bags because they are highly recommended for some environments. If you are in an area that has high humidity, you need to consider getting synthetic training bags. Pure leather is prone to mold and mildew in such places which can be a nightmare to clean and control. Synthetic leather, on the other hand, doesn’t get mold and mildew.

3. The Brand

You may have to consider the brand of equipment you use to purchase the right one. This is especially important if you have a sponsorship deal with that brand. Using other brands may violate your contract agreement and can have consequences. Choosing a specific brand may simply be because you have other equipment and gear from it and want to keep the theme going.

4. Pricing

The highest qualities of training bags are mostly made of pure high-grade leather and are very expensive. Selecting the ones you want to buy depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the purchase. As a beginner, getting synthetic leather training bags may be more ideal then you’ll invest in higher qualities as you advance and gain more experience. Still, if you can afford the best then go for them.

5. The Material of the Inner Area

Punching bags have different fillings and it’s important to know which is the best filling for each to buy only the best ones. Some filling requires proper stitching like sand and air. Without proper stitching, you’ll experience leaks within the first few days of use which is not ideal. Some bags have sand as their inner filling and this is for when you need them to be very heavy. If you don’t want very heavy bags, go for another filling instead.

Airbags include speed bags. The best speed bags can retain the air inside for a long time without needing a refill. Bags that leak easily will cut into your routine because you have to stop and refill them constantly. Such bags easily blow too. Research the best ones before making a purchase.

Bags filled with textile material are widely used because they tend to soft. Constant punching and kicking can easily lead to injuries with the wrong bags. Yet some bags, especially for professional combat fighters, use a mixture of sand and textile to create the right bag for training. This bag is heavy enough for effective training and soft enough to avoid injuries.

6. Sport Specific

Some training bags overlap in all combat sports and can be purchased to train for all of them. However, some bags are sport-specific and may not suit all. The grappling dummy is an example of a sport-specific bag. Boxers have no use for it but MMA and Muay Thai fighters require it. This is because grappling features only in Muay Thai and MMA where opponents engage in intense grappling on the ring or cage.

MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing Bags for Training

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Top 5 Hanging Punching Bags for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing

1. RDX Punch Bag for Boxing Training

This heavy bag comes in two heights of 4 and 5 ft. respectively. They come in 4 different colors and designs of the outer shell. The bag is advertised as being able to endure the most extreme beating due to its materials. It’s made using high-quality Maya Hide leather for the outer shell that is durable and water-resistant too. This is ideal for humid areas where bags made from leather are prone to mildew and mold.

The outer layer is double-stitched which makes it last and doesn’t come apart after using for some time. It has a very quality inner layer made using polyester that can withstand even the most extreme training routine and last without easily tearing or wearing out. The inner filling contains soft shredded clothes which make it good for constant use without risking injuries with every punch or kick.

This bags comes with its own a bracket made using top quality powder-coated steel, a ceiling hook also made from good quality powder-coated steel, a pair of hand wraps, hanging chains, a swivel, a jump rope, a hand gripper, a pair of boxing gloves, a strap for the punching bag, and glove keyring too.


  • Outer layer made of quality synthetic leather
  • Durable polyester inner layer
  • Double-stitching
  • Size variety
  • Color variety
  • Textile inner feeling
  • Outer shell resistant to water
  • Durable


  • Complaints of the bag collapsing

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2. Ringside Powerhide Muay Thai Training Bag

The long thin shape of this bag makes it ideal for Muay Thai training that focuses also on kicks as well as punches. It comes in one size of 100lbs and a height of 68’. The outer layer is made using high-quality synthetic leather that makes it durable and able to be used in all environments including highly humid areas. It has double stitching which makes sure even with the constant kick and blows, the bag stays intact.

The inner layer comes empty and you have to fill in yourself. This is good because you get to choose the material to fill it according to your needs. The outer layer is nice and soft which is important to protect you from injuries. It comes with metal rivets and hangers to use while hanging at home or in the gym.

The bag is very long which makes it ideal to hang very low for certain training techniques like low kicks for Muay Thai and MMA training.


  • Durable outer material
  • Quality stitching
  • Can fill it as you want
  • Has a good closing zipper
  • Ideal height for Muay Thai


  • Narrow shape makes it hard to fill
  • The two patches on outer hide are too rough
  • Limited color

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3. Last World Heavy Duty Vinyl Boxing Punching Bag

This bag is made using good-quality vinyl leather that is resistant to water and long-lasting too. The leather doesn’t easily wear out even after constant use. It comes empty and you have to fill it up for better use. This gives you the advantage of making it as heavy or as light as you want depending on the material you choose to fill it with.

The bag measures at 54’ in height making it long enough for an adult to use comfortably. It comes with durable steel chains that have been powder coated for hanging. It is well stitched which means it won’t come apart easily.


  • Good quality vinyl leather
  • High-grade steel chains
  • Can fill with any material
  • Good height
  • Well priced


  • May be challenging to fill
  • One available color

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4. RDX Kids Punching Bag

The punching bag is an ideal size for kids. It comes in one weight and one color. The outer layer is made using quality Maya Hide Leather which adds to its durability. The leather is also waterproof and can’t be easily attacked by mold and mildew. It comes filled with textile strips which make it soft and able to absorb shock easily from constant punches.

It comes with a pair of quality junior gloves for young boxers, a high grade hanging chain made of powder-coated steel, and hanging straps too for adjusting the height as needed. The outer layer is double stitched making it durable without coming apart after constant beatings. The outer design is pretty cool and ideal for kids.


  • Durable Maya Hide Leather
  • Textile filling
  • Water-resistant
  • Ideal height and weight for kids
  • Comes with hanging straps and chains
  • Double stitching


  • Cases of missing chains and straps
  • Glove sizes may not fit all

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5. Everlast 40LB Heavy Bag

The outer layer of this Everlast heavy bag is made using quality synthetic leather with additional webbing. This makes it very durable and able to withstand constant use without easily breaking down. The inner layer comes filled with synthetic fiber that has been sanitized meaning you won’t incur any allergic reactions while using it.

The straps used to hang it are made of heavy grade nylon making them strong and durable too. It comes with steel powder coated chains.  It is looped on both ends meaning you can hang it from each side. It comes in three heights of 31’, 42.5’, and 48.5’. It weighs different too.


  • Quality synthetic leather outer layer
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Well stitched
  • Comes with hanging straps and chains
  • Weight variety
  • Height variety
  • Double looped


  • Missing chains when delivered

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Freestanding Bags for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing

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1. Everlast Power Core Bag

This training bag has an air foam inner chamber that makes hitting it seem as realistic as hitting a live opponent. It has a rounded design which is good for cardio-intensive workouts plus being able to work at it from all sides with ease. You don’t have to stop and adjust it. The base is made using very heavy and dense material making it very stable. The weight is well distributed adding to the stability of this standing bag.

It is also circular or easy movement and storage. You can lie it down and roll it to the best location. The outer layer is made using high-grade synthetic leather is durable and able to withstand constant beating too. The standing bag is however not recommended for the outdoors.


  • Quality outer layer
  • Foam inner layer for a realistic feel
  • Stable stand
  • Well shaped
  • Good weight distribution


  • You have to fill up the base

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2. Dripex Free Standing Punching Bag

This training bag stands at 69’ which makes it ideal for adults to use. The stand is made of top quality stainless steel that has multi-layered construction. The outer layer of the bag is made using quality PU leather with an inner lining of EPE foam that is very dense for ample shock absorption. The foam makes it feel like you are punching or kicking a live opponent.

The bag is resistant to wear and tear making it very durable. It is also waterproof. The base of the stand has a specialized technology of suction cups that add to its stability and it’s filled with sand too. The base has a screw cap where you fill in the sand to make it even more stable.


  • Steel base
  • Can fill the base with sand
  • Durable leather outer layer
  • Inner dense foam
  • Base has suction cups
  • Comes in a variety of heights
  • Can withstand constant beatings


  • Not ideal size for kids

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3. Dprodo Punching Bag

It has a rounded base tank that you must fill with sand to increase its stability the tank is of ABS quality. The bottom of the base has suction cups that make it stand at one point without moving. This is important to ensure you can Punch or kick as strong as you want without the bag shifting.

The inner layer of the bag is made using stainless steel tubing that is layered with high-grade foam. The foam feels very natural when you kick or punch it. The outer layer is made of synthetic leather that is very durable and tear-resistant too. The base and stand are joined by four springs which reduce the shock with every impact you make on the training bag.


  • Quality base tank
  • Can be filled with sand
  • Suction cups at the base
  • Foam layer
  • Tear-resistant
  • Waterproof


  • Cannot adjust the height
  • Expensive

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4. Ringside Tornado Free-Standing Workout Heavy Bag

The outer shell of the punching area is made using top-grade vinyl leather which doesn’t tear easily. You need a lasting outer surface to withstand constant training. It’s also waterproof and won’t be affected by mold and mildew. The inner layer is made of stainless steel tubing coated in thick impact-resistant foam for ample protection.

The stand is wide enough and can be filled with 140 lbs. of water or sand for ample stability. It’s quite tall measuring at 68’. The base is round for easier movement from one point to the other. It’s quite flexible and can respond quickly too.


  • High-grade vinyl leather
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Good base
  • Ideal height for tall people
  • Inner foam for ample protection
  • Very flexible
  • Responds quickly
  • Waterproof


  • Needs filling on the base
  • Might be too tall for some

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Uppercut Bags for Muay Thai, MMA, and Boxing

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1. Ringside Uppercut Bag

This type of bag is hung horizontally and is ideal for improving your uppercut routine. It weighs 55lbs and is 36’ long. The bag comes with its chain and swivel which you use to hang it in place. The outer layer is made of quality Powerhide leather that is very durable and doesn’t tear easily. It will serve you for a long time without being worn out.

The inner layer comes filled with textile straps which make it compact but soft. You want to stay away from fillings that may cause you injuries as you train. This is important, especially when training without gloves. It can also be used to train high kicks for Muay Thai and MMA. You can order an unfilled bag and fill it with the materials you want.


  • Ideal height
  • Durable Powerhide leather
  • Resistant to tearing
  • Has chain and swivel
  • Can be filled or unfilled
  • Ideal for high kicks


  • Mixed orders of filled and unfilled

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2. Amber Fight Gear Synthetic Leather Uppercut Bag

This bag is specially designed to help you perfect your hooks and uppercuts but it can also be sued to train high kicks too in MMA and Muay Thai. The synthetic leather it’s made of is triple enforced adding to its durability. It can withstand constant use without easily tearing and wearing out too.

This uppercut bag has straps of seatbelt quality made using top of the line nylon which means once you hang it you don’t have to worry about then breaking off. The bag is accompanied by its swivel and chain which you’ll use to hang it securely. It weighs 55 lbs. which is an ideal weight for it. You have to be ready with filling materials as the bag is sold unfilled. You can use sand to make it very heavy or clothes strips to make it ideally weighted.


  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Triple reinforced outer layer
  • Foam inner layer
  • Quality leather straps
  • Has a chain and swivel for hanging


  • Comes unfilled

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3. Ring to Cage Uppercut Bag

The outer shell of this bag is made of high-grade quality vinyl that is waterproof. This makes it an ideal bag to use in all environments including humid areas where pure leather gets mold. The inner layer is filled cloth straps but can also be ordered as unfilled too.

The bag is long-lasting and won’t tear or wear out even with continuous use. It has hanging straps with triangle-shaped hanging rigs which you hoist it up with by attaching chains to it.


  • Vinyl outer layer
  • Water-resistant
  • Ideal for all environments
  • Can come as filled and unfilled
  • Has hanging straps
  • Durable and tear-resistant


  • Lacks hanging chain and swivel

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4. Ringside 65-Pound Body Snatcher Bag

The training bag had a unique teardrop shape which is specially crafted for delivery of the most intense uppercuts and hooks too. The outer layer is made using Powerhide construction which is long-lasting and doesn’t wear or tear easily. The bag comes in a variety of weights from 65-80 pounds.

It is filled using soft textile material which protects your hand against injuries especially when training without gloves. It comes with stainless steel chains for hanging. The hanging straps are made of quality nylon and won’t break for a long time.


  • Unique teardrop design
  • Powerhide leather construction
  • Comes in various weights
  • Soft inner filling
  • Has hanging chains
  • Straps made of quality nylon


  • Complaint of deformed bag

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5. Contender Fight Sports Body Snatcher Bag

This uppercut bag is made using good leather construction that makes it durable and not easily torn too. The inner layer is filled with soft clothes which absorbs impact while protecting your hands from injury. It comes filled weighing 75lbs and is 24’ long.

This bag has straps at the top made of good nylon for hooking up the chains but doesn’t have any at the bottom for attaching a stabilizer. The leather is ideal for use in all climates including very humid areas prone to mildew. Use it to train uppercuts and hooks too.


  • Tear-resistant
  • Quality leather outer shell
  • Soft cloth inner filling
  • Has nylon straps
  • Good for all climates
  • Water-resistant
  • Ideal for uppercuts and hooks


  • Limited to one size

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There are numerous brands of training bags and they all depend on the type you want. We have reviewed three types of training bags in this guide which will help you make the best purchase. Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA training bags are an essential part of your daily training routine if you wits to perfect it. Take your time deciding which one best suit your needs and get started in your training. Consulting a trainer can be an eye-opening experience about the qualities to consider some of which have been listed here.