Boxing Gym

Choosing the Boxing Gym

You have finally made up your mind to venture into the world of boxing. After much research and purchasing some cool protective gear and gym wear, you are ready to get started. The choice of fitness or professional training has been made as well. The time has come to select the best place to learn how to be a boxer. Boxing is a combative sport that can be very aggressive meaning it is a dangerous sport. You must, therefore, find a gym with professional trainers at hand to guide you through from start to finish.

You do not want to be left to your devices while training in a boxing gym. You have to learn everything from using the equipment correctly to the right way to spar lest you injure someone or get injured. You need to find a gym that you feel welcome and not intimidated. As a beginner, training with pros can make you walk right out the door. You need a place where you are encouraged to keep going until you also become a pro.

Qualities of a Good Boxing Gym

1. Equipped

You must train in a well-equipped boxing gym where you can have all your needs met. Boxing is an intense sport and doing it even for fitness reasons only calls for intensive workouts. On top of having a ring, the gym needs to have strength training equipment too. A poorly-equipped gym will not be able to give you the best training.

2. Professional Trainers

Some of the top gyms are run by ex-pro boxers. They are fully trained and capable to handle you as a beginner. They know all the techniques and can see you through the initial conditioning your body needs to go through. A professional trainer will also be well-versed in first aid. Accidents happen and you need someone at hand to administer first-aid while calling for emergency services. The trainers in the gym you choose to attend need to be licensed as well.

3. Good Location and Amenities

A good gym has to be located in a safe environment. This is one of the most appealing qualities of a gym. You do not want to go to a seedy neighborhood to access the gym. Your concentration will be on your safety and not on your training. Poor concentration in a boxing gym is very dangerous. Select a location where you feel safe and can focus on the task at hand 100%.

A good gym should have added amenities like a good parking space, clean showers, lockers, and even a food shop. These added amenities add to its appeal.

4. Spacious

A spacious gym is the most ideal. A crowded gym is very uncomfortable and you probably will not get much done. With enough space, you can be able to train adequately including some shadowboxing. There is enough air circulation in a spacious gym which is important due to the intensity of the workouts done. You do not want to lose your concentration as you struggle to catch your breath.

5. Gym Subscription Fee

Before you enroll in a gym, decide first what your budget is. How much are you willing to pay comfortably to enroll in a gym. Deciding this before you locate a gym will help you narrow down the most ideal faster. Do not go for the most expensive only to struggle to meet the payments. Select one that you can afford and will give you peace of mind as you train.

6. Have a ring

Boxing is fought inside a ring. Even if you are just involved in boxing for fitness, sparring in a ring is important. Choose a gym that has a ring in it. A ring helps make the experience authentic. Think of how thrilled you are when you see your favorite boxers go at it on a ring. You want to have the same thrill as you train too. It is one way to be inspired to give boxing your very best effort.

7. Customer Reviews

Most gyms in your local have a website and have profiles on various advertising platforms. Read through the comments of previous customers. What were their experiences? Is the gym you have in mind worth it or not? The reviews of these customers will give you a glimpse into the gym even without setting a foot in it.

8. Gym Atmosphere

As a beginner making your inquiries, how was the reception from the moment you stepped on the door? Were you welcomed or had to find someone to ask questions too? Is the atmosphere of the gym welcoming or not? It is important as a beginner to find a gym where you feel comfortable. You need to learn a lot. A dismissive atmosphere can be intimidating. You do not want to quit on your first week.

9. Consider your needs

Are your intentions to be a professional boxer or simply for fitness purposes? One gym does not meet both needs. You have to consider your needs before settling on a particular one. In gyms that focus on fitness, you’ll have many sessions that you do as groups. This is because the main focus is on having a great workout and not working on your boxing techniques. One trainer may work with a few people as opposed to an individual.

Professional boxing gyms are different. Training is very much individual. Each professional has a trainer that is completely dedicated to them. The main aim of this type of gym is to prepare a boxer for a professional fight. There will be sessions for fitness and strength training, but the boxing technique is the main focus.

10. Licensed Gym

On top of the gym having licensed professional trainers, the gym itself needs to be licensed. This assures you that you are getting quality for your money.

11. Gender

Do you prefer a mixed gym or a gender-specific gym? Remember you need to select one that you feel comfortable in. This will make the difference between learning and not learning at all. Attend a gym you like to benefit from the experience.

12. Kids Program

Some gyms have amazing kids’ programs. You may want to train with your little one. Select a gym that meets both your needs. These are family-oriented gyms that cater to all your family needs. The trainers are well equipped to handle children too. Training with your child can be a great bonding experience.

13. Free Trial Period

Some gyms advertise a free trial period normally lasting about a week. Such an offer is ideal. You go in and test out the facility before committing. Select such gyms to give yourself time to make the best decision.


Boxing is an intensive sport that will demand the very best from you. Select a good gym to get started on your training. Pick one that meets your needs and can help you achieve your set goals. Take your time and read through the qualities of a good gym in this article. Selecting the right gym is the difference between attaining your set goals or not.

Keep in mind the reputation of every place you come across. Their reviews will help you make the right choice. Do your research too and get to know the boxing gyms available near you. Visit them and feel their atmosphere. Are they welcoming or intimidating? Find the trainer for each place you visit and chat them up. How you feel while talking to them will tell you a lot.