Boxing Workouts

Guide to Boxing Workouts at Home

While boxing in the gym can be exhilarating because of the atmosphere, you may at times prefer to just train at home. You don’t need to always be in the gym to engage in boxing. You can set up a boxing gym in your empty garage or extra room and stay in when its cold outside or you just don’t want to venture out.

Home workouts are a great way to stay in shape while training at your own pace. A good boxing workout lasts for an hour. It must be long enough to engage your body fully. As a beginner, it may be advisable to start with shorter periods to condition your body and not get fatigued.

A full boxing workout involves warm-up, conditioning and combination drills. It being an aggressive sport will help you work out any stress and aggression you may have in the right way. You leave it all in your workout. This is why boxing is a full body and mind workout. There are boxing workouts you can engage in using equipment and those that you can do without.

Shadow Boxing

One of the most ideal ways to train in boxing at home is through shadowboxing. You need only a good space and a mirror to take part in it. Take up the right stance depending on your dominant side and visualize an opponent in front of you. Punch different combinations mixed with bobbing and weaving to defend yourself as you attack. Remember your footwork plays a great role in the efficiency of your shadowboxing.

Keep your balance and avoid leaning forward. Use all the different types of punches in a variety of predetermined combinations to fully work out your whole body.

Boxing Workouts with Equipment

1. Heavy Bag Punching Workout

A heavy bag is an ideal equipment to engage in a full-body workout. It involves a good punching technique and equally good footwork. Your punches have to snap and flow well to produce the desired results. You never let your hands fall to the side or standstill. Walk around the bag even when you’re taking a short break. Create different combinations that you can use to train on the heavy bag. An example is a 1-2 combination for 5-minute intervals.

2. Speed Bag Workout

Using a speed bag helps you improve your punching speed. You have to support it properly to hit continuously without it popping off. Get a timer and set it at 45 seconds. Stand in front of your speed bag and punch with each hand consecutively at a moderate pace. Keep count of the number of hits you make on the bag and note them down when time elapses. Strive to maintain the number of punches hit with reduced time like in 30, 20-second intervals.

3. Skipping Rope Workout

A good calorie-burning workout using jump rope has to be highly intensive to be effective. Structure your intervals to last between 20-30 seconds. After every interval, you take a 10-second rest. Repeat intervals for 4 rounds. Start sessions with a warm-up then delve into an intense interval.

4. Medicine Ball Workouts

Using a medicine ball you can engage in different workouts. Using the medicine ball, do 10 squat presses for 4 rounds with no resting period. After finishing this round, perform a figure 8 scoop of 15 reps for 4 round intervals. The rest should be less than 3 seconds per interval. Follow this up with a Balancing Burpee of 4 intervals, each interval is 15 reps.

5. Resistance Bands

You need to strengthen your arms to be ideal boxing. Using a resistance band is one of the best ways to accomplish this. 10 seconds non-stop jabs at half intensity repeated for three rounds. Follow this up with 20 seconds non-stop jabs at full intensity repeated for three rounds.

6. Double Ended Speed Ball

The best way to work-out with a double-ended speedball is using combinations. You can have a Right-Right-Left rhythm followed by Left-Left-Right rhythm. Begin every workout with a warm-up to awaken your muscles. Combine combinations with continuous straight Punches with varying combinations like 1-1-2 and 1-2-1. Top up this workout with exercise that focuses on your defense where you punch and block in varying combinations. An example is 1-2-block-1. Then do a punch and slip combination of 1-2-slip-1


You don’t have to go to the gym all the time to train in boxing. You can successfully train at full intensity at home too. It’s completely fine to prefer the comfort of your own home than a crowded gym. Home training can be done with minimal equipment and most of this equipment can be easily purchased online. After making the purchase they are delivered to your door.

This home boxing equipment is simple to set up and you have your home gym in the other room ready for use whenever you want to work out a good sweat.