How Much Do MMA Gyms Cost

As a first-timer, before you begin your training at any MMA gym, there are a couple of things you need to pay maximum attention to. One of these things is cost. This is a key determinant since it will help you budget for the training. Cost has become an issue of contention among many people who have already enrolled in MMA gyms.

This is because at a certain point in time, you may feel that the membership cost was too much. Hence, you may want to make a change. Look no further as we will help you make an informed decision. Also, we will unravel how cost of these MMA gyms is determined.

Therefore, ensure you have all the crucial information on the MMA gym in terms of quality and value to ensure you get maximum returns on your investment. We know you don’t want to feel ripped off your hard-earned money.  Ideally, the cost of MMA gyms will vary and will lie anywhere between 40 and 250 dollars.

Determining the value of MMA Gym cost can be a broad topic. This is because several factors determine the cost of each MMA gym. We discuss these factors details on why you membership costs tend to vary.

Factors that Determine the Cost of a Gym

1. The expertise of the instructors

The cost of any MMA gyms will depend on the level of expertise of the instructors offering training. Most of these MMA gyms have made a significant investment in having professional trainers.  Some of these trainers are renowned professional fighters who have made names for themselves in the MMA field.

If an instructor is more qualified like a high rank and is a recipient of a black belt, then the price is likely to skyrocket.  You are likely to dig deeper into your pockets to get their services.  However, you should never shy away from paying high rates to these trainers. This is because their reputation and knowledge will help you gain more skills and learn martial arts more effectively. Upon paying high rates, you should expect to get a high-quality gym with professional instructors. 

2. Number of Training Sessions Per Week

The cost you incur in any MMA gym will partly depend on the number of classes offered per week.  This should be simple for you to unravel. Generally, you would expect an MMA gym offering 6 unlimited classes in a week to be more expensive compared to the one that offers 3 lessons per week. Some of these MMA gyms that offer a couple of lessons in a week appreciate the fact that you might have a busy schedule.  This makes it hard for you to attend all classes.

Therefore, they have introduced these unlimited lessons per week to ensure you are not left behind. The flexibility of this MMA gym tends to correlate with their cost.  This is because you will be required to pay a higher cost. Also, you need to check whether the gyms offer open mart days.

These are crucial days that enable you to practice and develop the skills you have gained.  It gives you a perfect opportunity to join your colleagues and train together. If all these are offered in an MMA gym expect to pay a high rate.

3. Location of the MMA Gym

This is a key determinant that will determine the cost of any MMA gym you seek to join.  Well, if you live in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles it is almost impossible for you to pay anything below 200 dollars.  Living in these big cities comes with a cost. However, the good thing about the MMA gyms found in big cities is that their prices are quite competitive.

You will find quality gyms within a 1 km radius.  Due to the high number of people in these areas, there is a likelihood of the prices dropping down due to the high supply of individuals who may want to train martial arts.  Also, because of the high competition between these gyms be sure to get quality services as they will do everything to woe more clients.

4. The Gym Quality and Services

We understand that you would love to use top-notch equipment to enhance your martial arts skills. This raises your confidence since you feel safe when training with them. For example, the protective MMA shining guards. When you visit some MMA gyms, you will find they have different punching bags.

This enables you to develop and practice different punching techniques. Also, some of these gyms may have invested highly on speed bags made of quality oak. You will obviously expect such a gym to charge you more. This is because the cost of maintaining this equipment is also high.

Is there anything you are required to buy before joining the gym? Well, this is a question you should ask your trainers before you enroll. Such items include mma gloves, groin protection, and shorts.  This is because if a gym has more equipment compared to another then there is a likelihood you are going to purchase a few items.  The availability of amenities such as free towels and Wi-Fi also tends to reflect on the cost too.

5. The Space of the Training Mat

It can be so annoying and irritating getting to the MMA gym and you lack enough space to train on MMA mats. The area of the training mat should be enough to accommodate all the members.

Well, when this is the case the cost of electricity, rent and cleaning services tends to be higher. All these costs will be shared with you as the client by charging high prices.

6. The contract

Well, did you know that when you sign contracts with a longer duration you are highly likely to pay lower charges? Yes, this is very true. Before you sign a contract with any MMA gym it is good to check on your travel schedule and the nature of work.

In cases where you don’t expect to travel it will be advisable to go for a one year contract. This is because you are assured of the continued provision of gym services at a lower price.  However, in between the contract, if you hurt yourself during training or decide to travel for vacations do not worry about the membership. This is because you can ask gym instructors to freeze your membership.

7. The Variety of Training Offered

The cost you incur to get gym facilities will positively correlate with the number of training you get. Getting into a MMA gym, you will have a variety of disciplines to choose from.  However, you will find one gym offering more services compared to another.

For example, one gym may be offering you training in BJJ and wrestling while another one offers training in wrestling, Boxing, BJJ, and Muay Thai. Looking more closely you will find out that the expertise of the instructor in both gyms is more close.

However, there are more expert instructors in the second gym and hence their cost is a bit higher.  This can also be high because the gym may have secured more equipment to ensure these disciplines are offered more effectively.

Can You Expect Some Discounts?

This is a good question especially for those who wish to join MMA gyms for the first time or would like to make a change. Well, Most MMA gyms will offer you friendly discounts when you decide to join. Also, when a  gym is opening its doors for the first time, one of the best ways of getting more clients is by giving discounts.

Therefore, even if the MMA gyms have not indicated that they are offering any discounts. Do not shy off from asking whether there are any discount deals and be cautious when doing so. It would be important for you to always get the best deal that resonates with your budget but does not sound too cheap.

Is There a Possibility of Getting Cheaper Rates?

Well, from what you have seen from this discussion. It must be so clear to you that MMA gyms are not that cheap.  However, you are not limited to getting good deals.  This is because membership cost is not uniform to all members.  This should tell you that you should aspire to get a good deal without sounding unrealistic. 

We seek to help you get lower rates as much as possible. One way of getting cheaper rates is negotiating. Yes, talk to the trainer instructor and tell them you are considering the nearby gyms.  Ideally, you would expect them to have clear information on the price charged on those gyms. This will help you secure a good deal. Who wants to lose clients to the competitors anyway?

The other way of securing a good deal is by offering to give some services at a cost. Sounds strange? Yes, you can opt to clean the MMA marts for a cost this will greatly reduce your membership cost. Also, once you master more skills and advance your martial arts prowess you can offer to train the juniors at a fee.

Based on the factors we have discussed above, we shall give you the cost of some renowned MMA gyms

Gyms located in New York will charge you $160, and they offer several disciplines such as MMA/Muay Thai/Boxing/ BJJ and you are expected 6 unlimited classes per week.

A gym in san Diego will charge you at least $195 a month and you will expect 5 unlimited classes per week on average.

While in Kentucky, be sure to get MMA gyms charging $75 per month.  They have good trainers with a high level of expertise.

As you can see, MMA gyms charges will tend to vary. However, you may ask yourself on the average cost in MMA gyms.  The cost of MMA gyms will be anywhere from $50 to $200 plus.  The cost will be dependent on the factors we have discussed above.

If you expect to join the MMA gym that offers fewer classes you should not pay anything more than $100. However, if the MMA gym is of high quality, has professional instructors and offers several disciplines then you should expect to pay more than $100.


In conclusion, The cost of MMA gyms is a broad topic since they are more factors that affect the price.  In some cases, the quality of the MMA gym might not correlate with the amount of price charged. Therefore, it is your responsibility to pay close attention to the gym you seek to join.  Ensure you get maximum returns to your investments.