Burning Calories through Boxing

Burning Calories through Boxing

Boxing is one of the most sort after combat sport on earth and is an Olympic sport. Lately, its popularity has sired for different reasons. More people are taking part in boxing for fitness purposes. It gets boring just going to the gym to do the same old routines. You find that switching things up makes it more interesting.

You may have noticed that your local gym has advertised new boxing classes and that picked your curiosity. A little research will prove to you that it’s an exciting way to burn calories and get fit. Don’t worry if you have never taken part in boxing before. Some great trainers will take you through beginner classes.

Burning calories is done better with intense workouts that make you sweat. Boxing is a full-body workout. Estimations in the number of calories burnt while punching a heavy bag put it at above 450 calories for men and above 370 for women per hour. The best way to track the number of calories burnt while using a heavy punching bag is to have on a fitness tracker fitted with a heart rate monitor.

Why Boxing is Ideal for Burning Calories

It’s important to diversify how you burn calories and boxing will give you the intense workout you need. It may be the furthest thing from the fitness ideas you’ve explored and this is what makes it perfect. It’s a new experience. Boxing has been around as a sport for the longest time but its use for fitness is just gaining popularity. There is no gender or age limit when it comes to boxing. Anyone can participate.

1. Boxing is a Full-Body Workout

Many people think boxing is only about punching, but the truth is it’s much more than that. You don’t just stand still and throw punches, you move around engaging your whole body. You also move your head while bobbing and weaving which are necessary defense techniques you must learn in the ring. You get to be fully engaged and after it, your whole body tells the story.

A full-body workout is the most ideal way to burn calories and engage every muscle in your body. Boxing will amplify the strength and stamina of your whole body which you’ll realize after some time. Most of the muscles you will engage in boxing are rarely used while performing the normal workouts. Your body will become healthier due to intensive boxing and you’ll be able to burn more calories too.

2. Fun Way to Workout

The reason you may not be burning enough calories with the traditional workouts is that your body has become accustomed to them and you’re bored too. With boxing, you get excited once more and give it you’re all. You’ll look forward to training too. Burning calories is psychological too. You have to be fully engaged in the workout you’re doing to see results.

Boxing will engage both your body and your mind. While facing an opponent, you have to have a strategy on how to attack them and defend yourself adequately. Your mind has to be fully engaged in every move you make to survive on the ring.

3. Boxing as a Cardio Workout

To burn calories, a good cardio workout is a must. You have to sweat and burn to remove all that excess fat from your body. But the norm of a cardio class can be boring. You start to miss classes because you are no longer excited to attend. Time to explore boxing as an intensive cardio workout that will engage your upper and lower body at once.

With boxing, you not only burn calories but strengthen your heart and muscles too. You notice a change in your body after some time. You’re vibrant and full of energy. Sign up for that boxing class today and get started. A good cardio workout will see you burn the required calories reaching your set target.


A good boxing session will help you improve both your aerobic and anaerobic respiration through continuous punching and footwork. Boxing will help strengthen your heart and improve blood oxygenation too. This makes your body more energy-efficient and you’re able to burn more calories. You’ve probably never thought of yourself as an athlete but boxing will make you one.

Boxing is fun and will engage both your mind and body leading to good health and wellness for a better life. You can range the amount of time you spend boxing from 15 minutes to an hour. As a beginner, start slowly as you condition your body then advance in duration. There are many ways to train in boxing that will see you burn calories including facing an opponent in the ring, punching a heavy bag, working with a speed bag, and jumping rope.