How to Hit a Boxing Bag

How to Hit a Boxing Bag

Hitting a boxing bag involves more than just walking into the gym and getting started. You have to acquire the necessary skills to hit it correctly. Anyone can acquire these skills, you just have to be trained. When you learn to hit the boxing bag correctly, you can get more power and endurance which will benefit you as you train.

Learning to punch the bag the right way is a protective measure. No need to injure yourself while wasting precious time too. Clearly, it involves much more than just throwing punches at the bag from every direction.

How to Hit a Boxing Bag Correctly

1. Select the right gloves

There are some gloves that are specially made for hitting the boxing bag. You can either use them or use your regular boxing gloves. Start by wrapping your hands correctly then put on the gloves before you get started.

2. Right Distance

Stand at least a punching distance from the bag such that you are able to freely rotate your hip as you hit it. Do not stand too far that you have to stretch your hand completely to reach it. Stretching your hands completely can lead to joint injuries.

3. Boxing Stance

Take up the stance position leading with your dominant hand and leg. Let all your force emanate from your leg up to your punch and ensure you are well balanced.

4. Punch

Aim the punch on the area of the bag directly opposite your torso. You should not have to raise your hands to hit it. Keep them level with your torso.

5. Striking the bag

While striking the bag, let more work fall on the knuckles of your middle and index fingers. Try and leave out the smaller fingers as much as possible. This is because hitting with the smaller fingers can easily lead to fracture or even breaking of bone due to the impact.

6. Rhythm

Develop a punching rhythm where one hand follows the other after every punch. If you start with your right hand to punch, follow that up by throwing your left punch as soon as the right detaches from the bag.

7. Develop cycles

Create a cycle of how many punches you will throw in it. You can hit 6-8 times in one cycle the rest. While you rest, analyze how you feel after. The right way of hitting will make the bag swing. The wrong way of hitting will result in pain on your shoulders and wrists. Make the necessary changes when you learn you hit it wrong.

Tips for Hitting the Boxing Bag Correctly

1. Focus

Concentrate on the action at hand, hitting the bag. Block out all other distractions. You can visualize the bag as your opponent and strike it as you would them. Let your reflexes be as active as when you are sparring. Do not look at just one spot of the bag and focus on hitting that. Keep the entire bag in your vision and not just one spot on it.

2. Balance

A boxing bag is a solid object and if you hit it without balance, you may end up injured or taking a fall. Maintaining good balance while punching adds more power to your punches. Plant your feet firmly on the ground at all times.

3. Punch the bag

The aim is to punch the bag and not push it. Pushing the bag makes it swing more and you cannot concentrate on hitting it. Pushing the bag accomplishes nothing as you cannot reap the benefits of a good bag workout from it.

4. Footwork

Your feet must remain planted on the floor while you punch the boxing bag. However, when you are not punching, you can move around it.

5. Distance

Keep a good distance between you and the bag at all times even when it moves. Do not stand too far or too close to it. Move with the bag as it swings. Back away from it as it comes towards you too.

6. Continuous Punching

You have to keep punching without taking long breaks. Even when you have to rest, let it be for 3 seconds then you are back at it. Observe how professional boxers punch the boxing bag. Do not wait around between combinations.

7. Breath

Breathe as you punch.  Do not hold your breath as you deliver the punch. Breathing well will define your punches better than delivering the most powerful ones. When your breathing is controlled, you are more relaxed and can keep punching the bag without getting tired too soon.

8. Active rest

Move around as your rest of skip from side to side. Do not standstill. Throw smaller punches or even shadow box to ensure you are not staying still.

9. Hand Up

Your hands must be up all the time. Do not let them fall to your side. This is how you easily get punched while training with an opponent. When working out with a boxing bag, the same rule applies.

10. Consult a trainer

As a beginner, never having punched a bag before, letting your trainer show you the ropes is the wise thing to do. Invite them to observe your technique and guide you on how to do it right from the start. There is no need to waste hours on the bag only to learn you were doing it the wrong way all this time. If you use your bag at home, get a trainer to come to observe your technique.


There is the right way to use a boxing bag and the wrong way. It’s best to get started on the right footing from the start rather than waste time doing it wrong. Wear the necessary protective gear before you even lift a finger. Ask your trainer to show you how it’s done and correct your technique.

Follow all the tips provided in this article to help you reap the best results from working out with a boxing bag. You can take some time to observe seasoned boxers in your gym or online. Learn from their routine and apply that in your own. Be cautious and focused while punching to avoid getting injured.

Remember breathing is the most important aspect of any workout and the same applies to punch a boxing bag. Focus on your breathing more than the power of your punches.