How to Hit a Punching Bag

How to Hit a Punching Bag in Boxing

You probably just started training as a boxer and your trainer has you in front of this huge bag that weighs close to your weight. You tap it with your gloves and it barely moves. He/she tells you it’s time you got some work done on the heavy punching bag. Oh boy! Here goes nothing!

The heavy bag is a piece of very important equipment and is a necessity in every gym that advertises as a boxing gym. The bag’s outer shell is made using leather or vinyl making it tough and can endure continuous use. The inner layer is stuffed with different material to add weight to it. A heavy bag calls for more intense training thus dialing up your work out.

It takes real power and strategy to make the bag barge even a little and it will take time for your body to get accustomed to the impact of a full punch on it. Still, the reason the heavy punching bag has gained popularity is that you get a full-body workout when using it correctly. Your punching and defense skills are sharpened by repeated training on it.

How to Hit a Heavy Bag

1. Start with Protection

First time on the punching bag, you better gear up. This is a piece of serious training equipment that can easily result in serious injuries. You must be gloved up before using it. Remember to properly wrap your hands before wearing your gloves. You should be able to ball your fists with ease and not be too tight. There are special heavy bag gloves available. You can decide to purchase a pair.

2. Take your Stance

Remember a proper boxing stance will determine the effectiveness of your technique. As a beginner, your trainer will teach you the proper starting stance before you advance to more complex ones. Place your feet firmly on the ground and face the bag. Don’t stand too near or too far away from it. You should be able to rotate without hitting the bag though.

3. Lead with your Dominant Side

Let our dominant side lead. This is the best strategy because you are more comfortable with that side already. It makes sense to punch the bag starting with your dominant hand them followed by the less dominant one.

4. Punch Strategically

Every punch you land on the bag should be led by your torso and not your arm. You have to twist your body with each punch you land on the heavy bag. Have a list of combinations in mind that you will use. You can have your trainer or partner yell out different combinations to you too. this will help you keep the flow going.

5. Get your Footwork Right

From the word go, strive to get proper footwork. If you develop poor footwork, it will be evident every time you step on the ring. Even when using the heavy bag, you must have proper footwork. Keep your feet planted strongly on the ground and raise yourself. Don’t lean forward or balance yourself with the bag at any time. This can cause problems when it comes to your balance when facing an opponent in the ring. You get used to balancing yourself with the heavy bag and may result in the same with the other boxer.

Refrain from ever standing still even as you pause between combinations of punches. Keep walking around the heavy bag with your hand up. Never put your hands down because you may do the same in the ring which leaves you vulnerable.

6. Focus on a Full Workout

Don’t take big pauses while working with the heavy punching bag. Follow your combinations as close as possible only taking short breaks in between. There should be a rhythm to your combinations that flows through. Be relaxed as you throw your punches focusing on your technique and most important of all your breathing.

Remember to breathe while you are at it. Don’t hold your breath as you punch as that will make you lose focus as you struggle to catch a break. Relax and learn to breathe as you punch.


To completely benefit from punching a heavy bag, focus more on your technique and not the power of every punch. You’ll quickly learn on the ring, it is not how powerful your punch is, but how great a fighting strategy you employ that helps you win. Time your punches accurately to deliver the best results.

The heavy bag is a must if you aspire to be a boxer. It is one of the most crucial equipment to use. It will teach you to be skillful and have good speed when facing a real opponent. You’ll also learn the importance of keeping your hand up and not leaning on the bag as that can lead to you leaning on your opponent. Now that will be a disastrous move for you. Make use of the heavy bag for some time and observe how it affects you as a boxer.