Best MMA Training Medicine Balls

MMA Medicine Ball Guide 2020

When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts, there are as many types of equipment available for you to use. One such piece of equipment is the medicine ball for MMA. This is simply a weighted ball that comes in a variety of diameters depending on the size you want to use.  It is the favorite of many trainers for being a complete training accessory. This is true in strength and weight training because it can be used to work out every muscle in your body. 

Medicine balls are one of the oldest training equipment in existence where its initial use was in healing. They were used to rehabilitate injured patients in early times. Early healers and physicians like Hippocrates and Hieronymus advised their patients to use the weighted ball for recovery and fitness purposes. But it wasn’t until 1889 when the name ‘Medicine ball’ became official thanks to a professor known as Robert. 

MMA requires you to be powerful and have an explosive nature. The medicine ball is designed with this in mind. You, therefore, can use it as a projectile object to add more power to your throws. You build your explosive nature by catching throws with increased weight and speed.  You can use the ball to improve your body balance and coordination by using a variety of exercises geared to throw you off balance. This will help you use muscles that you do not normally use. 

Selecting the Right MMA Medicine Ball

1. Weight of the ball

You have to keep your weight in mind while purchasing an MMA medicine ball. The rule of the thumb is to select a ball that is heavy enough to limit your motion, but not too heavy to immobilize you altogether. You should be able to perform the workout while carrying the medicine ball without causing harmful strain to parts of your body. 

You can judge the impact of a medicine ball on your body by how fatigued you feel at the end of a workout.  Select a ball that you can perform repetitive exercises without limiting your technique and form from start to finish. As you become stronger, you can add the weight of the ball as well to increase your challenge level. 

2. The exercise

Consider the exercises you want to perform using the medicine ball. This will help you determine the diameter and general design of the ball to use. Will you be throwing the ball, catching it or using it for resistant training? This is important because there are normal medicine balls and some special ones made for specific exercises. 

3. The price

When selecting a weighted ball for training, it is important to purchase a quality ball with good customer reviews. But you have to purchase within your budget. There are many balls available in the market and with enough research, you can be able to get one which suits your needs. 

4. Durability

Even as you consider the price of the medicine ball, remember cheap is expensive. Do not go for the low-quality ball because it will end up worn after a short time. It is best to do your research and purchase one which will give you service for a long time. 

Best MMA Training Medicine Balls

1. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball with Handles

This MMA exercise ball is made from rubber of the highest quality which does not emit any odor. It has heavy-duty rubber shells which help increase its durability. This means the ball does not wear out easily. It comes in one size weighing 10Lbs. 

The ball has a unique design from the large variety available in the market. It has handles on both sides to enable you to have a better grip while working out. The ball also has a textured finish which helps guard against slipping especially when your palms sweat. 


  • Quality material
  • Durable
  • Grip capability
  • Has handles
  • Affordable 


  • Limited color (black)
  • Limited size (10lbs)
Amazon Basics Medicine Ball with Handles, 10-Pound
  • Medicine ball for energy-releasing workouts; can help improve strength, coordination, balance, and more
  • Great for core strength-training exercises, including the popular Russian twist
  • Integrated side handles and a textured finish help ensure a safe, secure grip, even during strenuous workouts
  • Made of solid high-quality rubber (no harmful odor); heavy-duty rubber shell resists wear and tear
  • 10-pound weight; measures 10.7 by 10.7 by 10.7 inches;

2. Yes4All Slam Ball Medicine Ball

The Yes4All Slam Ball Medicine Ball has a more complex structure. It is filled with iron sand mainly to prevent it from bouncing. The iron sand can maintain the ball’s firmness and balance as well. It then has an outer shell that is made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). 

The PVC outer shell is textured and has grooves which will enable you to get a firm grip on the ball when doing strenuous workouts resulting in sweaty hands. Though the outer shell is grooved, it is also smooth to not cause any harm to your hands. 

This particular medicine ball can be found in 6 different weights which include 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40 pounds respectively. 


  • Well-constructed
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Grooved shell
  • Weight variety
  • Iron sand filling
  • Durable


  • Black color only
  • Sand shifts in the ball
  • Only for large hands
Yes4All 10 lbs Slam Ball for Strength and Crossfit Workout – Slam Medicine Ball (10 lbs, Black)
  • HIGH-DENSITY MEDICINE EXERCISE BALL: The Weight Ball is filled with sand to prevent it from bouncing or rolling and enhance the balance and firmness of the ball
  • EASY TO GRIP SURFACE: Feature a grooved and textured PVC shell to help you get a firm grip on the ball even with sweaty hands
  • THICK SEAMLESS DESIGN: Specially formulated resilient soft shell which is rotationally molded for a seamless construction to add more durability and ensure it cannot be split over time of use
  • BOOST YOUR AEROBIC CAPACITY: Improve muscle mass, increase your heart rate & burn more calories, enhance coordination between your hands & eyes for smooth movements in sports
  • IDEAL FOR THE TOUGHEST WODS: Non bounce, specifically designed for CrossFit exercises, conditioning workouts, wood chops, overhead throws, twists, MMA, wrestling, football, basketball, or general athletic training

3. TRX Training Slam Ball

The TRX Training Slam Ball has a surface that is rugged and textured. This guarantees you a better grip as you perform your routines. You can control the MMA medicine ball better as you work out. The outer shell of the ball is made from the highest quality of rubber which ensures it will last long. It will not easily tear with continuous use. 

The medicine ball can be found in different weight options which include 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 pounds respectively. 


  • Weight variety
  • Durable
  • Top-notch material
  • Textured surface
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Lacks color variety
TRX Training Slam Ball, Easy-Grip Tread & Durable Rubber Shell, 10lbs
  • UNLEASH YOUR POWER: TRX Slam Balls will help you unleash your power! Engage your entire body in a high-intensity TRX Slam Ball workout that builds strength, cardio and explosive power.
  • EASY-GRIP TEXTURED SURFACE: The TRX Slam Ball features a rugged, textured surface that provides easy gripping and helps you keep a sure handle on the Ball during your workout.
  • DURABLE RUBBER SHELL: Designed to survive your toughest workouts, the TRX Slam Ball features a thick, ultra-durable rubber shell that absorbs impact from every core-strengthening dead bounce.
  • MULTIPLE WEIGHT OPTIONS: TRX Slam Balls are sold individually and are available in 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 lb weights, allowing you to select the right size for your workout or fitness level.
  • THE TRX MANIFESTO: As the leaders in functional training, our mission is to empower you in your pursuit of better. We've developed the world's best training equipment, workout programs, and education courses to help you push, pull, squat and lunge your way to a better version of yourself.

4. j/fit Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball, Strength, and Conditioning WODs

This medicine ball is made from the highest quality material. It has a triple stitching finish and a soft outer covering. It is a heavy-duty ball which has been laser cut to add to its quality. It can absorb any impact as you work out with it. 

This medicine ball has been stuffed using hand and not machinery. This gives it an added advantage in terms of keeping balance and maintaining its original shape. Some balls tend to lose their shape and balance with continuous use. 

You can find the ball in 9 different weights including 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25 and 30 lb.


  • Quality fabric
  • Weight options
  • Absorbs impact
  • Attractive design
  • Smooth surface


  • A bit pricey
  • One-color only
j/fit Wall Medicine Ball, Red/Black, 15 LB (20-0054)
  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: Not intended for slamming exercise, this extremely versatile, premium JFIT Soft Wall Ball can be used for multiple workout goals, with use in strength training and plyometric exercises, burpees, crunches, and beyond
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Premium heavy-duty vinyl coated shell, has been laser cut, triple stitched, and hand stuffed to maintain balance and keep shape, while featuring a non-slip grip making it easy to hold during your sweat session
  • MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL: Use this quality wall ball for more than just your workout by stretching and rolling out tight and sore muscle fibers using your weight and gravity against the surface area of the ball to release tension
  • IMPROVE ENDURANCE: Excellent for men and women looking to increase core strength, improve stabilization, and muscle density, press through your next wall squat while maintaining a steady grip during your exercise routine
  • PERFECT SIZE: All sizes have a 14” diameter, except the 4LB ball which has a 9” diameter, allowing you to add variety and challenge yourself with our premium wall balls that are balance tested, with even weight distribution

5. Cap Barbell Medicine Ball

The Cap Barbell Medicine Ball is made from top-quality rubber which does not emit any odor. Its rubber surface ensures the ball can be able to bounce off surfaces that are very hard. The outer surface has a textured finish which enables you to grip it well without the risk of slipping. 

The ball can be found in 6 distinct weights of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 pounds. With this variety, you can be able to make use of different balls for different routines. 


  • Textured surface
  • Quality rubber
  • Durable
  • Bouncing effect
  • Weight variety
  • Well-priced


  • One color and design
  • Customer reports oily coating 
  • Easily gets dirty
CAP Barbell Rubber Medicine Ball, 10-Pound, Red
  • 10 Lbs.-Red/Black
  • Tacky grip for safe exercising

6. DYNAPRO Medicine Ball

This medicine ball for MMA has a unique dual-surface design which is diamond-shaped with a shiny black finish. This makes it very attractive. There is also a texture of marble on the remaining parts of the medicine ball too. The purpose of the dual pattern is to ensure you maintain a firm grip on the ball at all times as you train. 

The ball is durable because it has been designed to withstand the most intense impact while you slam or bounce it against a wall. It is filled with air and has a casing made from top quality rubber. Using the best rubber quality is a safeguard against busting. 

This particular medicine ball comes in 5 weight options that include 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 lb. 


  • Color strips variety
  • Cheap
  • Long-lasting
  • Textured surface
  • Bust resistant


  • Emits rubber odor
DYNAPRO Medicine Ball | Exercise Ball, Durable Rubber, Consistent Weight Distribution, Comfort Textured Grip for Strength Training (4LB- Yellow)
  • DURABLE RUBBER CONSTRUCTION HANDLES STRESS EASILY: Designed to withstand the pressure of constant slamming or bouncing on the floor or wall, our air-filled Medicine Ball is made of a durable rubber casing that is burst-resistant and delivers twice the bounce than other brands.
  • FIVE WEIGHT OPTIONS MATCH ANY FITNESS LEVEL: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, there's a weighted exercise ball that's right for you. Start with the 4lb ball and move up gradually to 6, 8, 10 or 12lbs to strengthen and tone your core and upper and lower areas of your body.
  • DUAL SURFACE TEXTURES ENSURE A NON SLIP GRIP: DynaPro Medicine Balls are designed with a diamond pattern on the black surface and a marble texture on the rest of the ball. This dual pattern delivers a secure and steady grip so you can safely handle the weighted ball during slamming, bouncing or tossing.
  • PACK MORE POWER INTO YOUR WORKOUT: A DynaPro Medicine Ball offers unlimited variations to basic moves such as squats, shoulder presses, push-ups, lunges, chest tosses, jumps, and deadlifts. Med ball exercises combine the power of weight training with speed of movement to build explosive strength and endurance into your training program.
  • PERFECT FOR SOLO OR GROUP EXERCISE: Use it alone, with a training partner or a group exercise class at home, in the gym, outdoors or anywhere you feel the need to give your muscles that extra challenge anytime of the day.

7. Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Balls

The Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Balls are made using high-quality material. It will be able to last long even with continuous and strenuous use. The outer shell of the ball is made from synthetic grade leather which has a good texture for a firm grip. You will be able to maintain your form as you do your workouts without worrying about the ball slipping. 

This ball is specially manufactured for beginner use. It comes in several weight and color options too. 


  • Quality material
  • Long-lasting
  • Color varieties
  • Smooth cover
  • Light-weight
  • Good pricing


  • Customer complaints on wrong color delivery
  • Customer complaints on the poor grip
Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Balls, 4-5 lbs, Leather with No-Slip Grip - Weighted Med Ball Set for Weight Training, Stability, Plyometrics, Cross Training, Core Strength - Heavy Workout Ball
  • ELEVATE YOUR ROUTINE: Champion Sports provides workout gear that makes your fitness goals as enjoyable, convenient, and achievable as possible. Our leather medicine balls are no exception - blending unwavering performance with attractive aesthetics
  • NON-SLIP, CONTROLLED GRIP: The exterior is made of synthetic leather that lends itself to a supple texture but is still easy to hold - even when sweaty. Maintaining a steady grip is simple whether doing floor exercises, weight lifting, or aerobics
  • UNRIVALED, LASTING DURABILITY: Using professional-grade, high-quality materials, our weighted ball will hold up to every throw, slam, or lift you put it through. Premium, reinforced stitching further promises long lasting functionality
  • MADE FOR A VARIETY OF EXERCISE: The Champion Sports multi-purpose medicine ball set was created to be used by fitness experts and beginners. Our gym accessories can be used in a variety of classes including pilates, yoga, aerobics, or cross training
  • MIX AND MATCH: This medicine ball collection offers an array of sizes, colors, and weights so you can continually mix up your exercise routine, adding challenge and variety when you’re feeling bored and stagnant or going light on low-energy days


Medicine balls for MMA play an integral part in training and you should, therefore, take your time to purchase the right one. There is a wide variety available in the market today. Consider the factors listed in this guide to make the best decision when making your purchase. Start with the lighter balls if you are a beginner and gradually increase as you grow in strength and stamina. By using the correct ball, you will meet your workout needs.