Why Should I Wear Hand Wraps in Boxing or MMA?

Once you get into boxing one of the question you could be asking yourself is whether you need to wear hand wraps. To answer this question, you need to understand that boxing is all about throwing punches to your opponent. Also, it involves blocking punches coming from your opponent.  This will determine your chances of winning or losing the match. Do you want to lose the match to your opponent? We obviously expect no response from you. Every boxer goes to the boxing ring optimistic that he/she will carry the day.

Besides the hand gloves, you will also need hand wraps, as the adage goes failure to plan is planning to fail. Therefore, you need to remain effective in the boxing ring. This will be possible if you prepare yourself adequately. As much as we would want you to win the match,  it is also crucial for you as a boxer to care about your physical health.  For this reason, we would like to give you a few reasons why you should opt to wear hand wraps in boxing or MMA.

Importance of Hand Wraps in MMA

a) Prevent you from injuries and fractures

Well, our hands are quite fragile. As a boxer, your hands will be applicable in two ways. One is through striking. In this case, you’re using your hand to harm your opponent by throwing powerful punches. However, depending on the boxing rules applicable especially in MMA, hammer and back fists can also be accepted.  You can also use your hands to block punches from your opponent. These punches can be more powerful at times.

As said earlier, hands are so fragile and you may end up breaking the hand bones. Having hand gloves is not enough. At all times, whether during training or in a professional match hand wraps should be used together with hand gloves.

Throwing punches without any of them will end up hurting you. This is because your hand is made up of 27 bones that absorb a considerable amount of shock when subjected to external disturbance.  Thereby minimizing chances of delicate bones fracture in the hand and wrist.  

Do you want to protect your hand from fractures and injuries? Then,  it is high time you should think of owning hand wraps. To avoid inconveniences, it is advisable to purchase a couple of them since they absorb a lot of sweat and you will be required to carry out laundry frequently. 

b) Wrist stabilization

Hand wraps will ensure that your fist takes a proper shape by ensuring that your wrist is properly aligned. This ensures that you remain effective when throwing punches to your opponent. Whereas, your wrists should be free when carrying out day to day activities. You may want to keep them more stable during training or in boxing competitions.

This helps to minimize the extension and flexion which might occur when you punch from an awkward position.  As you continue developing your boxing skills, these risks may decrease but that does not rule out the need for hand wraps. Using hand wraps places you at an advantageous position compared to your opponent.  This is because you can throw punches that are strong and powerful.

c) Protecting your knuckles

As an extra layer of protection, hand wraps ensure your knuckles are pain-free. Engaging in boxing training or competitions without hand wraps can be so painful on the knuckles. As a Boxer or MMA fighter, you don’t want to be sent to the bench for weeks due to unending knuckles pain.

It is, for this reason, we advise that you have hand wraps during training and competitions. It is unfortunate for you to miss daily training or boxing competition due to challenges that can be avoided. Get yourself hand wraps today to avoid inflicting permanent or temporary damage on your knuckles.

d) Filling your gloves

Once you get to the boxing ring your sole aim is becoming a champion. This will be possible if you minimize possible distractions. These distractions include your boxing gloves getting off during training or boxing competition. It can be annoying and a lot of time is wasted. Every time you punch there is a likelihood of your hand gloves sliding on your hand. Ideally, we don’t expect you to wear shoes without socks possibly for the same reason.

Your hand gloves should fit so well on your hand. It would be advisable to use hand wraps to ensure you achieve a snug fit. This will ensure issues to do with gloves contact with your hand are dealt with. Hence, this protects your skin from friction against your glove.

e) The durability of your hand gloves

Did you know that you can increase the durability of your hand gloves by having hand wraps? Well, relax as we unravel this for you. Hand wraps reduce the possibility of sweat getting into your hand gloves. You don’t have to keep on buying gloves now and then because of reduced durability. It is your responsibility to show greater care to your hand gloves by securing hand wraps. 

f) Harder punches

Ensuring you are well equipped and ready for boxing training or competition tends to raise your confidence. Your punches will be harder thereby making you a champion. Who does not like being a champion? Well, obviously every person who uses hand wraps is a step closer to becoming a champion.

g) Finger stability

You might be wondering how hand wraps ensure finger stability. Ideally, your fingers may end up in a weird situation when you’re punching.  This may be catastrophic as you might end up hurting your finger or more badly breaking it.

However, this is a problem that can be avoided by wrapping your fingers right using hand wraps. You can choose thinner wraps while using MMA gloves. This will not only ensure that your fingers move freely but also protect the joints of your fingers.

When Do You Need to Wear Hand Wraps?

Well, the short answer to this question is every time whether during training or in a professional match.  Anytime you’re using a pair of gloves it will be important for you to use hand wraps. It does not matter the type of training you are engaging in. You must have hand wraps to ensure maximum protection to yourself.

 While it may be pretty obvious to many that one is required to have their hand gloves on together with their hand wraps that may seem not to be the case when it comes to MMA gloves. This is because they are slightly smaller in size. However, for a fact, you still have a way in which you can fit in your hand wraps. While using hand wraps together with MMA gloves think of a hand wrap that stays away from the palm to make grappling an easier task.


As a boxing enthusiast or MMA fighter, you got no viable excuse as to why you should not use hand wraps. You need to invest in quality and long-lasting hand wraps before you get inside the boxing ring. It remains a fact that at times, accidents are inevitable and injuries will still occur even with hand wraps. However, the sole reason for having hand wraps is to minimize these injuries. It is also important to ensure you wear the hand wraps properly since this is also crucial in preventing injuries and ensuring you remain effective in throwing punches.